Condom Cases – Condomania

To think of protecting yourself during a sexual relationship it’s good,
but to think also of protecting your condoms, it’s still better!

I’ve found a new product on America’s first condom store Condomania
which are condoms cases!!

In order for condoms to properly protect your parts, you’re going to have to protect their parts first. And that means the only heat or pressure they ever feel should come from you. So, take them out of the wallet, remove them from the glove compartment, and stick them in our stylish Condom Compact.

Available in red, pink, purple, orange, blue, green, and black.

To buy it: here


The Devine Toy Box is a flirty fortress for all of your bedside sex toys. With a lock and key, all of your personal unmentionables will be secure.
For your favorite sex toys, condoms, and lubricants.

Choose from Black, Quilted Pink Hearts and Red Crocodile.

To buy it: here


The Hip To Be Square Beaded Case is great for storing a few personal necessities when you’re on the move. Fits up to three condoms, vibrating condom rings, money, guitar picks, personal lubricants, etc.
The Hip To Be Square Beaded Case features a ball chain attached to a glow-in the-dark zipper puller, which allows you to attach it to your belt loop or other key chains for easy accessibility.

3″ square and available in 3 cool styles: Black Boot, Bad Girl Thoughts, and Hot/Sexy Heart (one word on each side).

To buy it: here


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